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Floella Loves

This month, we’ve discovered some more fabulous interior 'loves' which we want to share with you. As always, colour is at the forefront of everything we do at Floella, and this month is no different! Read on to check out this month's 'loves' including some gorgeous pieces of art, statement waterproof wallpapers, new fabric discoveries, and more!

Swap your bathroom tiles for a stunning waterproof wallpaper! We found these ones from 'West one bathrooms' to add a little colour and pattern - without the grouting! Bathrooms are a great room to experiment with and have a little fun. Whilst normal wallpapers can't stand up to the humidity created in bathrooms, waterproof wallpaper membranes allows them to come into direct contact with water without any issues. We think one of these wallpapers would create an amazing statement installed directly in a shower, or on the wall behind a bath.

We recently discovered Ottoline while searching for fabrics for a client, and fell in love with their fabrics and wallpapers. Ottoline is a London-based Dutch design house who experiment with a playful use of colour and composition inspired by nature, as well as "historic styles, cultures and art forms". Whether on cushions, blinds, curtain trims or furniture, we think these fabrics would help to elevate any scheme. Check out our insta reel to get some top tips on how you can use these fabrics in a scheme without breaking your budget.

Felicity is a watercolour artist with a love for patterns and beetles which is evident throughout their gorgeous artwork. Felicity's work is inspired by the Hampshire countryside, the surrounding flora and fauna, their childhood, and travels around the world. Felicity's Instagram displays a large array of lovely, colourful paintings alongside a few hand-painted home accessories (e.g. the candle sticks above) which we love and think would be the perfect accessory to add a pop of colour to any room. Felicity also translates her beautiful paintings onto fabrics "inspired by the opulence of the East" which you can browse on her instagram here.

We are always on the hunt for gorgeous cushions here at Floella Interiors! They are a really easy and inexpensive way to completely revive a room and can easily be switched up allowing you to experiment with colours and patterns you might otherwise be reluctant to try in your scheme. We found these cushions from Just fabrics and can't wait to use them in our future schemes.

If you haven't heard of Ian Snow before, you should definitely have a browse through their website! Their homewares section has a wide choice of really unique pieces ranging from furniture, to rugs, to home accessories all of which are covered in bright intricate patterns inspired by India. We think one of these amazing pieces of furniture would be the highlight in any room.

Our final Love for this month is Atelier Bleu, offering vintage and contemporary art, curated and presented using artisanal methods. Elizabeth's eye for colour and arrangement (check out the far right image) and their partner, David's, expert joinery skills perfectly combine to offer beautiful high quality pieces that would look amazing hung on any wall. Elizabeth and David's "intention is to offer the collector original artwork of character, interest, and lasting value" and looking at their instagram, we think they do just that.


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