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Interior Color Workshop

Colour is a hugely important thing in Interior Design, it not only looks great but it effects our mood and our mindset. Finding the colours that work for you and your personality is such a life changing thing especially in the space we surround ourselves with and spend so much time in. 

Our homes should make make us feel something, whether its - happy, calm, engaged, excited, relaxed. Its all about finding the right colour pallette for you to achieve this. 


Sarah runs a 2 hour workshop that explores colour in more detail, helping you to really engage and see colours differently and how they make you feel. She looks into  the colour wheel and colour psychology and each persons colour personality to find your true colour palette. 

Sarah also helps you be more confident with your choices and be a little braver in terms of what colours/patterns you use in the effort to help you create beautiful spaces yourself in your home .

The session ends with some colour mood boarding with fabrics/paint colours and Interior magazines with Sarah on hand to help you with ideas and to push your boundaries a little more.

Due to the Corona Virus the upcoming Colour Workshop dates are being postponed. To register your interest in upcoming workshops or an online virtual workshop please click link below

What people said…


@mama.bears.squares - The Colour workshop was such an enjoyable morning. I felt like i learnt so much and I left feeling so excited to style my home


@the_cherry_mamaI would highly recommend this workshop to everyone 


Exceeded my expectations - 100% recommend - Sonny and Rajal 

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