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Give your room a Slap in the face!

10 tips to revamping and updating your room

1. Have a clear out - I would say this is where you should start – a big clear out. Its amazing how this will change the room and refresh just be clearing out/throwing away. Get carpets/upholstery cleaned

2. Set a budget of what you want to spend and stick to it. Planning is the most important thing – Make a list of what you would like to do to that room. Paint/ New cushions/New sofa? And then see realistically what you can afford to do and where to spend the money

3. Think out of the box. If you are wanting a new sofa but budget is not allowing along with everything else you want. Instead think about maybe recovering cushions on sofa or adding throws and a selection of lovely new scatter cushions. Maybe keep the sofa but get it deep cleaned and purchase a lovely statement chair instead

4. Create a mini design board – This can easily be done on the computer. It helps you keep focus on what you are looking to achieve and what you need to buy and what your style and colour is. Its very easy to get distracted in shops so if you have something to refer too you it will keep you focused.

5. A lick of paint or adding a statement wallpaper will instantly refresh your room

6. Up-cycling – A great and inexpensive way to update or refresh a room. Check out those junk/vintage stores for old retro pieces and get painting

7. Think about lighting……………..A good update is to get rid of central pendant lights and add spots. Then you can add various floor and table lights to add layers of lighting - this will create a much more considered look.

8. Add in some wall art – Pictures on walls can create a great feature – think about your space and use it well. Go large and really use and fill that space. Think either one very large piece or group together large frames to make a good statement piece.

9. Add flowers and plants – They give such a lovely energy to a room. If like me you struggle to keep anything alive when its comes to plants (I’m fine with little human’s!) then fake it! I have a lovely bowl of fake flowers on my coffee table. They never die and always look great….

10. Be Brave…….. create a Wow factor. I think its so lovely to walk into your home/room and feel happy. For me that’s colour and pattern.

If I lived in a grey dull house I would feel very low, so for me I have to have that colour burst and that fun element.

I recently bought two fuschia pink chairs for my sitting room…………. They are very out there but they make me smile and everyone comments on them and how fab they are.

SO just think about being a little more brave with your choices.

If you fall in love a patterned arm chair but hesitate as you think “oh but what if I don’t like it next year “ so instead you decide on the neutral one as it will be safer!

Get the patterned one!!!– if you love it you will love it for ages.

If you get the neutral one you’ll always be thinking its nice but wow there was this really lovely one that I loved but………… does that make sense? XXX

I hope that some of this helps you “Give your own rooms a SLAP!!”

If you would rather me help you out I have three different ROOM REFRESH options available – Bronze,Silver and Gold and a Platinium Interior Design service.

Check out my website for more details and prices and message me if you have any questions

Sarah xxx

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