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Mood boosting interiors

The power of interiors is all about how they make you feel. Here we’ve collected some images of mood boosting interiors which we love and hope might be able to provide you with some inspiration to start thinking about your home, and how to make sure it brings you joy.

I think it would be impossible to walk into this bathroom and not smile. The Gucci wallpaper is absolutely breathtaking.

This room is all about the stunning view - the interior choices have been carefully selected not to detract from the gorgeous surroundings.

This large red island creates a gorgeous focal point, injecting warmth and joy into what could otherwise be a cold vast room.

Somewhere comfortable to sit and get lost in a good book is always going to bring you happiness… and what’s more joyful than a rainbow?

This eclectic room has a fresh, uplifting feel flooded with natural light and full of beautiful artwork. You could lie in the tub and stare at the walls for hours…


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