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To dress or not to dress? – that is the question.

No I’m not talking clothes……………I’m talking Windows.

Does every window need a curtain? blind? or dare I say a net curtain?

Or can we free our windows and go naked!

Here are a few tips to get you thinking about how you may want to go about dressing your windows (or undressing them!)

  • Your bedroom is really where you do need a bit of privacy and where you want to have darkness for as long as possible (especially if you are lucky enough to be able to sleep after 7am.) If you need your room blacked out, always go with black out lined curtains, but remember if you have the curtains hung on a pole light will seep out above the curtain pole. To ensure good blackout I would recommend a fabric covered lathe or pelmet.

Lined and interlined French headed curtains on Bronze finish curtain pole

  • To ensure privacy in the day time but enabling you to have daylight coming into the room. I would opt for a sheer roller blind behind your curtains recessed into the window frame. These are very simple and when down will let lots of light into the room but stop people seeing in. Remember that as soon as its dark outside and the lights are on in the bedroom the world and your neighbours can see straight in so it’s time to shut those curtains.

  • If you can, always go for curtains in a bedroom – it’s so much nicer and cosier than blinds. A bedroom wants to be inviting and a blind just doesn’t do this for me.

  • Always have full length curtains………………ALWAYS.

  • A great inexpensive curtain look is to have a roller blind (blackout if in a bedroom) – always get it made reverse rolled to hide the barrel. This will give you a much better finish and look more considered and high end. Then have full length sheer curtains hanging on a pole which can either hang straight down for a simple/contemporary look or pool slightly on the floor for more drama. Sheer linen can look great here.

  • If you can afford it go for lined and interlined curtains as the look and finish are so much better. If not then go with a black out lining (as appose to standard) as this will stop the light coming through the curtain – this will again give the curtain a much better look. French or a double pleat heading looks and hangs the best.

  • Shutters have their place but remember they are very cold and hard looking so if you have them make sure you have lots of other soft furnishings/rugs/carpet in the room – you need that fabric to soften the room and absorb the noise…. Go with thicker vanes 60-70mm wide look best and the ones that come without the tilt bar I think work really well and look less fussy. Shutters are a great option for bathrooms.

  • Roman blinds – Roman blinds are great for making windows appear taller. If you have a small window, fit a roman much higher and then only pull it up to the actual height of the window. Again with a Roman blind either go with it being lined and interlined for a really nice look otherwise have it black out lined. This will give you a far better more expensive finish than standard lined only.

  • Large Bi-fold doors………now this is where a lot of people like to go naked with their window treatments and I guess I don’t blame them. The whole reason you put these doors in, is to have the indoor/outdoor feeling to your space. I totally understand but don’t discount something here in the long term.

One of the options for these windows if you want a clean minimal look are to have Roller blinds – the best way is having them recessed into the ceiling so they disappear when not required. If you have the funds this option motorised is fab! Another option is to have a sheer curtain on a really simple corded pole – so many are available to give you a really simple clean look but enable you to soften and cosy up the space when you are dining inside or the weather is terrible.

  • Fitting and hanging of curtains – if you are paying to have curtains made then don’t skimp on the hanging and dressing charge. This is such an important part of the process and your curtains will look so much better after being properly hung and dressed.

I could go on and on but I’ll leave you with that and hope that you can take something away that helps you create your perfect window treatment.

As always – If you need a little help creating your Interior or want help and advice on your window treatments or soft furnishings then do drop me a line or email me and I can see where I get best help you. x

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