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Want To Step Up Your creating a garden room? You Need To Read This First.........

I'm not a gardener at all but this sunshine has made me want to jazz up the garden and bring my living spaces outside.... so here are a few pointers and ideas and hopefully some inspiration to make your garden living spaces shine this summer.


I always say this but yet again I can’t stress how important it is to set your budget. Again it’s not set in stone (it’s your budget you can move it any way you like) but set one. There is always going to be a place you a kind of comfortable with and it will just help you focus on the places you should be shopping and what you can sensibly afford.

2 – STYLE.

You need to be mindful of the style you have in your house and create the new garden area so that it flows naturally into your garden……. If your garden flows off the kitchen which is ultra modern with clean lines and a minimal feel then make your garden seating area reflect this too. Equally if you have a farm house/more boho kitchen then this should be the feel of your outdoor living space.

3 – How are you going to use this space?

Do you need to have an outdoor eating area or an outdoor relaxing chilling area or both???? Can you afford both?? Can you create an area that does both???? Really hone down what you need from your space and how you want to use it, again this will give you a focus and mean you spend your budget better and not get carried away when out shopping,.

3 – Where to create your room? –

Think about where you want these garden eating/living areas to be. Where does the sun fall in the day and evening?

I had my seating in one place in my garden just because its always been there – it was only the other day when I bought some new garden furniture that I realised that the sun hit the end corner of my garden at the end of the day so I have since moved a lovely wooden bench with lots of cushions to the end of the garden and we sit there all the time – well actually mostly the cat lazes there but its such a lovely space now I really want to use it.

You may be able to create a secret space at the end of the garden for dining in the evening. Do you have wasted space here? maybe a large tree where nothing grows underneath. Make use of this and use to your advantage.

You could create a lovely small intimate space for you to dine. Lots of fairy lights/small table/ cushions and throws and maybe some hidden mood lighting under shrubs…. Or you can create your own hidden area, sectioning off a part at the end/side of your garden with plants or nice fencing and create a cosy place to dine or chill with a fire pit……

4 – Make a room.

Rather than just placing a table and chairs or some benches or sofa in an area its really lovely to try and create a room. Gazebos/or a structure with a roof are a wonderful way to create a garden room - enabling you to grow flowers up them – something lovely like jasmine to make everything smell nice.

Think about different flooring here too. Tiles to add pattern and interest. These could also be set in to a grassed area to create an area for seating with larges pots of shrubs surrounding you. Using lovely out door rugs is a great look that will anchor a space and make it feel homely.

If you have quite a slick modern kitchen then for your outdoor area try a glass top table with a lovely decorative outdoor rug underneath. Simple chairs or long benches. Keep it simple and clean but add a bit of pattern and colour with accessories

This tiled terrace is just beautiful and adds such a lot to this garden and seating area. The colour works so well with the green of the planting. Always good to think out of the box and do something different than just decking or standard paving. I would never tire of this..


How are you going to light your outdoor space when it gets dark?

If you have or can get power outside then fab – Just like lighting in your home its really important so if you are doing a big project with a good size budget then plan your types of lighting. Lighting in the floor is great to zone your areas and also bedding lighting works really well. If you have a gazebo where you can either have a central light fitted or hang fairy lights or string bulbs which equally look great strung from trees or above your head.

Candles in storm lanterns on tables and around shrubs will all look fantastic too – its about creating all those different kinds of light that will give your garden room the best feel when the sun goes down. Oh and a fire pit is a fab way to go too…

6 - Accessorise

The most important thing to remember is to accessorise....... these are all the final bits that make a room complete (even if it is a garden room/space. Think cushions and throws (for when it gets a big chilly) a few wicker baskets on the floor with a few cotton throws, wood for the fire pit, games for the kids? large candles in storm lanterns on tables or hung in trees..............its all these final touches that complete a room and should 100% be in your budget from the start....

Well I do hope that this gives you a few ideas and helps you create your own wonderful space outside to relax or entertain.... I would always say be brave and bold and have fun, and most of all enjoy it .....

If you cant face doing it alone then drop me an email and I can help...........

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