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TOP TIPS to getting your Interior Autumn/Winter fabulous!

So I think that's about our Summer over - What do you do if your a Spring personality that just lives for the sunny brights and uplifting colour? Well you look to step into your secondary colour personality - everyone has one! whats yours? Mine is Winter (strangely such a contrast) You will notice this more in the fashion i wear and when winter sets in I definitely move more towards the dark and sophisticated style..... However in my home it would be strange to be so dramatic through the seasons so how do you warm and cosy up your home and keep with your colour style....

Tip 1

Lighting – is so important and during the winter months even more so. You really want to be able to create different moods. You want to have your basic bright overhead lighting but also add layers so having side table lights and wall lights is a great idea. Putting your side lights on a 3 amp is a great idea as you can then operate this by the main light switch enabling you to create that soft lighting instantly. Fairy style lighting is also great as this creates a lovely soft lighting that is more of a feature. Don't always thing of lighting as being functional use it to decorate areas too.

Tip 2

Still on the lighting theme are candles and lanterns, these are a great way to add drama and mood in the darker months. A group of large lanterns look lovely in a fire place or as a centre piece to a coffee or dining table or even purchasing a large candelabra that can be hooked above the dining table to the ceiling and you an actually use real candles to light your room – stunning for an autumn/winter dinner party. Think about scale when displaying. A large group of different size and height candles will have much more impact and effect that a few dotted around the room.


Foliage and flowers…….. Indoor plants as we know are huge but moving on from that think about styling up a large vase with autumn foliage and flowers (going fake is not a sin and it will be a display that last the winter) Think about the scale go bigger than you think – I promise it will work! Wreaths are not just for Xmas – hang an autumn one on your door. It will cheer you up on those damp dark days. Remember to keep the flowers/foliage to sit well with your room style. If like me you have a colourful house - going full on autumnal foliage just looks silly. So I look for me stronger richer coloured flowers and brighter greenery

Tip 4

Cushions and throws - Cant go wrong with adding cushions and throws. These are perfect for adding colour and texture and comfort to your home. Think about having a winter and summer set. Go with lighter weight fabrics for summer (linens and cottons) and then in the winter you can either go slightly stronger in colour and more texture and heavier fabrics from you summer feel . So for me who’s room is very bright - pinks and blues – I’m thinking of going more of a deeper teal in cushions and deeper/darker pinks rather than the fushia. It’s still the same vibe but richer and more indulgent for the winter.

Tip 5

Scent - Lastly I think another great tip is Smell……… either with scented candles or diffusers which are getting ever more popular as there are some amazing designs out there. Play around with different scents that relax you and make you feel warm and cosy

I hope you found this interesting and have gained some useful tips to get your home ready for the colder months ahead - I'd love to hear your feedback - either below or on my Insta feed.

Sarah x

PS - If you are interested in finding our more about fining your personal colour style and on this please join me on my Colour Workshop on November 2nd in Cheltenham. More details on my FB and Insta page @floellainteriors or click on pic below and email me for more info x

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