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Bold and Beautiful

Yesterday I posted a picture of a new wallpaper from Osborne and Little's spring collection. A wonderfully bold and beautiful paper that I guess is a bit marmite (you're either going to love it or hate it!)

It's a clear winner in my book.

Someone posted a comment saying that it required a very big room to take the pattern - and whilst Yes I agree that a large room with this paper on all walls would work incredibly well, that does not mean at all that it cannot be used in smaller rooms.

Like with a lot of things. Sometimes you need to look at things differently and not dismiss something on first look.....

This wallpaper in a smaller bedroom let's say, would be a very bold choice and a real statement. Some people would not like, but think about using it differently - using it as a backdrop to the bed. Papering just the wall being the bed and making the headboard the same colour as the background. This will create a wonderful focal point to the room and you can leave the rest of the walls painted (either bold to match the paper or a softer colour depending on your tastes....

Another way to use this paper would be to softening other areas of the room - keep carpet light or strip back floors and add a rug. Take a look at the design board below for ideas to give a fresher take on the look.

So what about using this kind of wallpaper in the smallest room in the house? - The bathroom? or cloakroom? - well I say a huge YES - This paper I think is perfect for a tiny space where you want the wow! factor........ Take a look at the design board below for some inspiration.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration to use these kind of wallpapers in your home or maybe to look at their uses differently.

I have added a few other fab suppliers of equally bold and beautiful wallpaper designs......


2. Gucci - Heron print wallpaper

3. The Joyful wallpaper company - BOTANICAL FLEUR WALLPAPER MURAL

If you are interested in FLOELLA INTERIORS help create your interior then please drop me a line/email or message

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