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'Top Drawer' colour trend talk

A few weeks ago I was very fortunate to be asked to host a panel talk at the 'Top Drawer' show at London Olympia - Stepping firmly out of my comfort zone I agreed and was quietly excited when I found out that we would be discussing colour trends for the upcoming year.

I have to admit to being very excited about this years Pantone colour of the year - Living Coral, as its the colour of my new branding and a personal favorite.

I had a panel of two ladies to chat to at the event - Nicola Snell from Press loft which is the largest online PR tool specialising in the Interior & Gift sector and Emily Dunstan a buyer at Heals. A company firmly in our hearts for its enduring design history.

What are the Colour Trends that we should be seeing this year......

Well of course we talked about Coral being a big thing (living coral is Pantone's Colour of 2019) ......its such a lovely happy vibrant colour and therefore the press has picked up on this hugely. Ive been using it in my Interior Design for the last year so I think its already here and will get bigger and bigger over the next 12 months and through to 2020. What's lovely about this colour is that it will sit nicely with the colours we already have in our homes. Coral looks great as an accent to grey tones as well as all the neutrals /wickers and light woods we have seen around at the moment.

Looking at the mood board below you can easily see how you can add coral to lots of different schemes - The colour palettes show how well 'Coral' sits with cool greys and warmer tones and for more drama the navy looks amazing and it really lifts the neutral and green tones.

Links to images -

Top left. Loaf

Top right. Thibaut

The yellows are still here to stay but tending to go towards a mustard tone. Emily from Heals mentioned a real 70's revival and so these mustard tones really fit in here along with Orange which I really love at the moment and feel we are going to see more of. Dulux brought out their colour of the year which was 'Spiced Honey' which sits really nicely with these mustards/oranges and neutrals...

Links to pics.

Top left. Archiproducts

Top right. Left and Level

Bottom left. Erika Carlock

Nicola from Press loft spoke about the Cuban capital of Havana celebrating its 500th year anniversary of the city’s foundation this year. With this is mind we may be seeing lots of bright colours/bold patterned/50's nostalgia.....

Again take a look at the mood board below to give you a sense of the colours palettes you could be seeing. Think lovely sun beached brights and vintage finds, bold prints and patterns.

Links in Pictures

Top right. Travel den

Bottom right. Matthew Williamson

Leather drawers. Culinary Concepts


Thinking further ahead WGSN have predicted the colour 'Neo Mint' being a thing for 2020. Says WGSN Colour Director, Jane Monnington Boddy, "Neo Mint is a shade that succinctly aligns futuristic development with nature”.

I can really see this colour taking off. It can be used in so many ways and for lots of looks. Take a look at the mood board and colour palettes. Could you see yourself using this tone in your home Interior Design

Only the other day I popped into Homesence to find this display - gorgeous use of the lovely mint colour. If you want to be ahead of the rest then start adding a little mint into your home now.

Trend Slave?

I think one thing to mention also is that whist colour trends are great we must not be a slave to them. Your home and Interior Design should be something YOU love and makes you happy. First and foremost that should be what you focus on. Colour trends can be used to add to a scheme and enhance it rather than being the main event. That way they can be easy updated and switched out as the years go by without major stress and expensive redecorating!

Hope that gives you a little colour inspo' - always love to hear your feed back xxx

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Love Sarah x

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