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Easy step by step guide to make a stunning Framed pinboard

I wanted to make a pin board for my kitchen but I didn't want it to be just a pin board - I wanted it to look like a piece of Art - Want to know how I did it and have a go yourself? Here's my step by step guide....

Step 1 - Getting the right frame. Scale is super important....You really want to use the space you have to create impact. You'll see below the area I wanted the board to go - If I had gone with a smaller scale it just wouldn't of worked as well. I wanted an actual frame around my board so the way to go was to source a new or older picture that I could take apart and revive....

Top Tip - take a look at charity shops for great frames - remember its just the frames you are looking for so ignore the pictures them selves as they will be removed....Ebay can be great for vintage style frames too

I found my frame at The Range (it was a mirror)

STEP 2 - Remove the backing/picture or glass.

Be careful here as its a little tricky getting the staples out of the back.....especially mine as it was a mirror and was secured pretty tight

STEP 3 - Painting the frame. The colour I chose was Farrow and Ball Calke Green. simply picked to go with the fabric and a chair I have in the room..... I wanted a contrast to the white walls in the kitchen too.

STEP 3 - Adding the cork.... I bought cork tiles from Homebase (one pack was plenty) and superglued them on to the back of the frame (Tip - general glue did not work!)

Once glued I trimmed with a serrated knife as one side overhanged the backing board.

STEP 6 - Cover with fabric. I stretched the fabric over and secured again with glue. There is no glue on the front as I didn't want the pins to get the glue on the when they went in and out of the fabric.

TOP TIP - If you want to do this and want the pinboard to look like artwork then go with a fabric that looks like a picture rather than a repeated pattern.... This one is by Designers Guild.

STEP 7 - Secure the fabric board back into the frame and there you go, a finished work of Art that also doubles up as a pinboard

Thanks for reading..............I have to say I'm thrilled with the finished look..... keep updated on my kitchen renovation and follow me on Instagram or Face book

Any questions then please let me know below or email me at or on my SM

Sarah xxx

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