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Finding your true colour style is a game changer

Are you decorating your house to make you happy or someone else?…… it’s a funny thing isn’t it. We

love to decorate our home and make them beautiful but have you ever really thought about who you’re doing it for?

Our homes should be a reflection of our personalities and should make us feel happy, not your friends or your family.

Never decorate to ‘impress others’ or because ‘it’s on trend’ or because your friend says it’s cool. Doing this will never really feel right and you’ll more often than not change your decor far more that you would decorating in the style that suits YOU.

We spend such a lot of our time in our homes – now more than ever so decorate in colours and styles that make you and your family happy.

I have an extremely colourful home which is completely decorated to suit my style and personality. If you knew me and then visited my home you would know immediately that this was where I lived.

It’s funny because I’ll get friends asking me if my house is the style that I decorate my clients houses….. wouldn’t that be strange if I decorated all my houses like mine. To think that everyone was going to like the same things as me…

In fact I don’t think I’ve ever decorated someone’s house like mine and I wouldn’t want to.

The point I’m trying to get across is that a home should be completely unique to the people living in them. We are all individuals with different likes and loves so embrace those things and I promise you’ll have a home that you are not only happier to live in but you’ll end up spending less money on redecorating your home.

I recently styled a photo shoot where we used these gorgeous cushion and throws that I adored – in my head I was thinking 'I’m going to have those and redecorate my room around them'…. A few hours later I thought about it again and realized that yes, they were lovely but actually they weren’t really my style. Had I actually redecorated my room around them I’m pretty confident I would of not felt the same way a few months down the line – The reason being? I have a colour palette that is me, that suits my personality and my style and when I use this I feel happier and I can also adapt and change and refresh my spaces very easily without huge expense…… If I was to go against this colour style it jars with me and I would end up changing things more often or throwing then away and simply not feeling my happiest in that space.

Look around your house – are their pieces of furniture that you have just kept – from your university days? or been given it or handed down from parent or relatives? You end up accumulating stuff that actually when you look at it you don’t really love or even like…… it just ends up in our homes and we kind of get used to it.

If you don’t love it – get rid of it (donate/sell/recycle/up cycle) don’t keep a house full of things that are not in love with or are not to your taste.

A great way to help you find your colour style is to look around your home and select the things that really make you happy, things that no matter what, you wouldn’t get rid of – this may be a piece of art work, a particular fabric or cushion, a dress, an old chair, a piece of furniture – anything!………start piecing these things together.

Next up - Create a mood board – this can be done on a computer cutting and pasting images or use the good old fashioned magazines, paper and glue.

Go through magazines, images online and collect things that you are really drawn to – ANYTHING not just interior things. It could be a dress, a holiday destination, a favorite food, flowers, fabrics, tiles – it really doesn’t matter. You’ll soon start to see patterns form and from that you can see the kinds of styles/colour and feel that you LOVE. Add in things from your home that you selected and you should see a nice pattern of styles and colours coming together.

You will more than likely get a few off things that stand out from the page as a bit left of center – these will more than likely be outside influences. Things you like because you’ve seen them in magazines, or a favorite influencer has them or your friend house is decorated in those certain colours. This is all completely normal - we are all influenced by things and people around us and that fine but if these influences jar with your true style – remove them. Just like those gorgeous cushions I fell in love with. I can still love them but just know that they are not for my home.

Finding your true colour style is such a game changer – Have a go….. I’d love to know how you get on

Sarah x FLOELLA Interiors

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