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5 Simple tips to totally rock your soft furnishing trimmings

Trimming are back in a big way. Adding a trim is such a simple thing that can refresh, update and liven up your interiors no end. There are so many different type of trimmings to suit every style of interior.

Here are my 5 simple tips to using them in the best way.

1. The bobble trim – it seems the bobble trim is being used everywhere and I love them too. Its fun and playful and just adds that little bit of detail that goes a long way – bobble trims are also really reasonable so it’s a great one to use if costs are needing to be considered. Picture below from FLOELLA Interiors project

2. Adding a flat braid will take curtains to another level. Adding this beautiful flat braid to the leading edge of a plain curtain adds so much to the finished look. This is where you can add a little touch of colour/pattern and texture. Picture below from FLOELLA Interiors project

3. Roman blinds can really benefit from flat braids too – A simple flat braid at the base of a blind is great but I love to add the trim detail to sides and the base and set it in a little – this is a really lovely example of that detail below by Gallerie B Interiors Melbourne

4. Get creative on cushions adding braid to the fronts making real design statements. I adore this lovely braid detail below from James Hare and how they’ve used it

And Charlotte Gainsford always uses trims so well – I love a brushed fringe on a cushion edge and Charlotte does this so well

5. Trims are a brilliant way to jazz up lampshades – whether it’s a flat braid or a bobble trim it’s a really simple and effective way to freshen and update a room. Picture below from FLOELLA Interiors project

5. Adding a trim to a bedcover – a flat braid works best for this but a bobble trim could work really well for a kids room. If budget is not an issue then having a design embroidered onto your bedcover or cushions is simply stunning. My all time favorite has to be Holland & Sherry for their simply stunning designs. Picture below from FLOELLA Interiors project

5. Add tassels to corners of cushions. I love these by OKA

My favorite places to buy trimmings from are

I hope that you found this blog interesting and that it has inspired you to go and use trims a little more and in fun and interesting ways. Please leave a message and thoughts on using trimmings on your home

Love Sarah x FLOELLA Interiors


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