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Dressing your alfresco table

If this year has taught us anything, it’s to get outside and enjoy the small things in life like eating dinner alfresco on a warm evening. A perfect opportunity to get friends and family together around a table again, so why not make sure that table is dressed to impress. Here are my 5 top tips that make it easy!

1. Make your table flow from your house interiors.

I think it's really important that you take inspo from your home and make sure your outdoor table flows from the rest of your house. Your home shouldn’t end at the back door – your garden and alfresco table are merely an extension of your kitchen or dining room. My house, for example, is spring bright and so it would be very odd to do a minimal styled, neutral table.

2. Remember all the senses - seeing, hearing, smelling. Excite them all.

Eating outside is exciting and different for us Brits, so take this opportunity to add colour and texture to the table. Fabric place mats, napkins and quirky trinkets are great ways to brighten up the display and soften the mix of metal cutlery and glassware. Scented candles are a must. Not necessarily for the table itself (the food should smell incredible enough!), but perhaps hanging in surrounding trees or tucked on window ledges. Music is a great way to set the tone for the evening – whether it’s a relaxed evening with family, or a much needed catch-up with friends and several bottles of Rosé!

3. Mix and match - for me it's all about the fun and creating an exciting but relaxed easy table.

The best way is to mix and match but stick with a colour theme. I have collected a big selection of crockery/styling bits that all fit my natural colour scheme that makes me happy so I can always use parts of this to mix and match my tables. It's NEVER about buying a whole expensive set of tableware but slowly building and adding to your collection.

4. Center pieces

Centre pieces really help to elevate a table and give it that ‘wow’ factor. Flowers are always a great choice, but avoid a single large elaborate bunch which just get in the way and disrupt conversation. Instead, I opt for several smaller bunches (literally one or two flowers) which will look great in an eclectic mix of old glass bottles (once their labels have been removed). If you are particularly green fingered, it is always nice to use flowers and greenery from your own garden.

5.Layering textiles

Textiles are the easiest way to incorporate fun colours, patterns, and textures into your table. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns within your colour palette when it comes to your table cloths, runners and napkins. Take your cushions into consideration too, it’s important to create comfy seating, so you could even make sure to have blankets on hand for when the drinks and conversation flows late into the night... it is still Britain after all!

If you have an event coming up and need help with styling a table get in touch and we can help!


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