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Fabulous tips for decorating your tree on a budget

Want to know how to decorate your Christmas tree on a budget this year but still have it looking gorgeous?

This year more than ever we need to be a little careful with how and where we spend our money. Here’s a few of my top tree decorating tips for you to try without blowing your budget and also having a little bit of fun along the way…

DIY Christmas tree decorations

The best way to save the pennies is to make your own decorations – don’t worry you really don’t need to be super crafty to carry out these suggestions and it’s a great way to get the kids involved and I promise you’ll have the most wonderful unique tree. Budget does not have to mean cheap…….


I’m a huge fan of drying out oranges and using them as decorations - Simply slice the oranges and dry out in a low oven until totally dry.

Ribbon and Cinnamon sticks

These look lovely on a tree tied with ribbon or raffia and for added gorgeous Christmassy scent add cinnamon sticks - Whole oranges work really well too

Modelling clay, card and sharpies

How lovely are these simple handmade decorations by @madetobeamomma. These are made with modelling clay and a design drawn on with a sharpie. Such a lovely unique decoration and you don’t just have to stick to Christmas Trees – Try coloured baubles, candy canes or stars. Add colour and texture with the ties you use – Gingham ribbon. Gold/silver glitter ribbon, natural garden string, raffia. Don’t want to use clay then get some thick white card and create the same designs.

Pom Poms

Pom poms are so easy and fun to make….my kids can literally spend hours making these. You can either go the old fashioned way of making doughnut shaped card pieces like these from red or purchase a pom pom maker online (these are amazing and save so much time) Heart hook & home have a few lovely ways to make pom poms

Pick one colour and go to town with different size pom poms and white lights like this tree below by I found a lovely white wool with glitter in it on Esty that's fab. this will really catch the light and look fab once the trees lit up.

Coloured pom poms

Or go colour mad for a tree full of joy like this amazing one from (this is what I’m doing!)


If your planning on doing these simple hand made decorations my big tip is go big. Make lots of them and really fill the tree. It will look so much better for it. Try altering the sizes too as this will add depth and more interest.

Mix and match – reuse/clash

I’m a huge colour lover and adore a tree that’s bursting with it – I’ve collect various decorations for my tree's over the years and am always searching in vintage and charity shops. I’ve found boxes of baubles before and such low prices so keep your eye out. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your decorations.

Paper Chains

Again such a easy thing to make and can look so wonderful – go fun and colourful or pick a theme. Gold paper chains would look so elegant with white lights


Buy a roll of wallpaper to make your paper chains – this way you can choose the size of them to suit your tree, the paper is a great weight and you have plenty to make lots of links and also plenty of fabric designs/textures and colours to choose from. Check out my favourite The Joyful Wallpaper Company for a wonderful selection

Loving all the colour and want something fun to go along side the tree – look no further than these present sack by Forage Somerset. These will be great for years to come and are fab for all ages.

Natural Christmas Trees

In the right Interior a really lovely simple tree decoration would be to simply have white lights and spray the tree with fake snow ( I like to spray it heavier just around the tips – think how the snow falls naturally) then add lots of fir cones and maybe add in some colour with some faux berries. I adore this one by Jennifer Rizzo

Adding in a few beautiful paper baubles like these from Salt and Steel would look amazing too

FLOELLA Interior Top Tip

This natural tree would look great with lots of gift boxes wrapped in brown paper with string ties on or with lovey jute snowflake sacks like these below from Salt and steel

Wrapping it up and in conclusion!

Christmas is so much about family and memories. This year I think we are feeling this even more than ever…. we’ve realized that it’s not the material stuff we miss most, it's our loved ones and those memories we make being with each other. So maybe this year lets take a little time and create a tree that’s a little more special and has a little more meaning.

When I create window displays for clients its always about the story and what I can give to the people passing by and looking at it. It needs to do more that just look pretty and I think that’s how our homes should be especially at Christmas.

I really hope you have fun trying out one or a few of these ideas. Not only will it save you money but it will also create wonderful memories and look incredible, and unique too.

Want to know a little more about how I can help with Christmas styling and Interiors or Interior Design overall?

Why not get in touch or check out my services on Instagram for more inspiration?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

Stay safe & well

Sarah x

PS. Thanks to Elaine from Pickled Ginger Marketing for pushing me to write this blog! She was desperate for Christmas Tree decoration tips. In her own words "I am so uncreative, please can you write a blog to help my tree look gorgeous this year!".


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