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Our Guide To Gift Wrapping

You’ve put too much time into lovingly picking out the perfect gift to just bundle them up in some shiny, supermarket wrapping paper. Instead, we think your gift wrapping should reflect that love and care, but we understand that love and care often takes time! In this blog, we’ve pulled together some quick and simple tricks, to inspire your wrapping and show you some easy ways to make your presents look amazing. So, grab some mulled wine and put on your favourite Christmas tunes… it’s time to get wrapped and ready!

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The first and most important step to wrapping any gift is the paper. We love the image on left with the variety of gorgeous, colourful papers, which would all look amazing piled up together under the tree. At first glance, paper like this might not appear obviously Christmassy, but the addition of a red velvet ribbon, some dried citrus slices, or fir foliage instantly provides that festive feel.

Brown recycled parcel paper is a great budget/eco-friendly option and makes for a very versatile base to wrap your gifts with. You can either opt for the simple, rustic aesthetic by just adding a few ribbons and accessories, or get creative with paints, glitter, stamps etc. and design your own wrapping paper (a Christmas activity that children will also love to get involved with).

Furoshiki is another great and sustainable option for wrapping presents. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese square shaped cloth which you tie your gifts in. The receiver can use this for a host of different things including re-using it to wrap their own gifts next year. You can find many different designs online, particularly on Etsy where we found the beautiful William Morris ones above.

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Ribbons and bows

Adding ribbons to your gift wrapping is a super easy way to instantly elevate your presents, and who doesn’t enjoy pulling one end and letting the paper unwrap before your eyes?! Satin and velvet ribbons are a beautiful, classic choice you can’t go wrong with. They come in a huge array of colours, so you are bound to find one that compliments your choice of paper. You can also layer up your ribbons with different colours and textures like the image on the far left. Another option is to use string or twine which we think works particularly well with brown paper to achieve that rustic, organic feel.

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The next step is to label your gifts to prevent any embarrassing confusions on the big day. If you have the time, you can get creative and make your own labels, but if not, there are lots of cute options available. We found these adorable plant-able, seeded tags (image on the far right) on Etsy which make for a fun, sustainable addition to your gift. Another sustainable option would be to label your gifts with personalised Christmas ornaments which they can hang on the tree for years to come. Alternatively, you could do away with a label all together by buying a pack of letter stamps and print names directly onto all your gifts.

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The extra little touches are key to adding something special to your gift wrapping. There are so many simple things you can do which will instantly ‘festive-up’ your presents! Mini Christmas ornaments attached to your ribbon act as an extra little gift and can be a fun way to get them smiling before they even open their present. Another fun idea for little ones is to slide a little sweet treat like a candy-cane, or a lollipop under the ribbon. Or you could opt for a more natural theme using dried orange slices, greenery, dried flowers, pinecones, or star anise. There are endless possibilities, so get creative!


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