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The Holiday where I left one of my kids at home!

Am I the worst mother in the world or did I do the right thing?

I had a few comments on my Instagram stories when people relalised I hadn’t taken my 5 year old son on holiday – so I thought I’d write a little blog to explain why and maybe in doing so make people understand the reasons behind why I did this and why actually it might be a good idea…

So lets get a bit of context here….. I have had three little breaks away this year with the kids. The first to France with my son and youngest daughter (and my Ex husband and mother in law (huge credit points go to me here I think!)

The second to Cornwall with my three kids and my parents

We wanted one last little getaway before the end of Summer and I stalled and stalled booking anything.

One because of the cost and two because going away as a single mum with three kids is hard – they are all different ages and demand very different things from me…… I just knew that it wasn’t going to be relaxing – I would be pulled in every direction and the older ones would get annoyed that I couldn’t do the things they wanted as I had to look after the 5 yr. old – it just felt a lot of money for a lot of hard work….

So light bulb moment…… How would the holiday look if I didn’t take my youngest child? Firstly would he really care? Would he even remember this holiday?

For me and the girls the holiday would be very different – it would mean that I would get to spend quality time with the girls – swim out in the sea with them, give them all my attention, and for me a chance to properly relax (and even get to read a book on the beach………something that with little ones I have not done in years)

I spoke to my son and asked if he would like to go and have three days adventure with his Dad whilst me and the girls went away – he jumped at the chance and had the best Daddy/Son time whilst I had the BEST time giving my girls what they crave so much – ME….. we spent hours deep out in the sea swimming , jumping off rocks, mooching around shops, having lovely lunches and dinners and great chats.

This decision was never about not including my son it was about choosing to prioritise me and the girls for a few days. Just because we are a family it doesn’t mean we always have to do everything together – I never want any of them to feel left out but I feel it’s important to give my kids special time one on one – or like in this instant - just some much needed girl time!

For me - it was the BEST decision. We only had three days away but I immediately felt so relaxed and the time away felt so much longer. As a single mum running a business I am constantly exhausted and running on empty most of the time. This little break away was just what I needed and I feel ready to get back on the treadmill of life with a smile on my face and lots of energy to give to my gorgeous little 5 year old ..........

Now to plan the next little adventure – this time with my eldest Daughter and youngest little boy whilst the middle child gets some Daddy time.

Sarah x (FLOELLA Interiors)


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