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Updating for Spring 2023

When midnight strikes and a new year begins, one of the first things most of us want to do is take down the tree and clear the Christmas decks.

However, this can leave your home

suddenly feeling cold and bare. A few little changes can be all that’s required to add some joy back into your interiors and set you up for an optimistic year ahead!

Careful colour consideration

It is well known that colour has a big impact on human behaviour and health, therefore it can be carefully utilised to change the mood of your home this Spring. This could be through a fresh lick of paint, wallpapers, textiles or accents. It is worth researching the emotional effects different colours can have and consider which ones will work best for you, in your space. For example, red promotes self-confidence and stability, yellow will create a warm uplifting feel, green fosters feelings of renewal and peace, and exposure to blue has a calming effect which has been shown to help reduce blood pressure.


Our sense of smell has the ability to recall memories and emotions, so can be extremely powerful when you are trying to create a particular atmosphere. We often put a lot of consideration into how a room will look but it is equally important to consider how it will make you feel. Some scents you might want to consider this Spring include mint, jasmine, vanilla, and citrus.

- Mint is invigorating and will help you to feel more awake.

- Jasmine has been shown to stimulate the brain to feel fresh and energised.

- Vanilla is one of the most universally appealing scents and provides a calming, positive feeling.

- Citrus scents are associated with cleanliness and have been shown to make us feel confident and in control!


Whether it’s through the use of curtains, cushions, upholstery, or rugs, textiles can add warmth, comfort and life to a room. Updating some of these might just be what your room needs to see you through the fresh Spring months and on to warmer Summer days. Above are some of our current favourite fabrics for the Spring!


If you are wanting to change up a room this New Year, one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by rearranging your furniture, and the good news is, it is also one of cheapest ways! Consider how the room will be used and try to ensure the flow of the space is not interrupted. If you are at struggling with this, FLOELLA interiors can help! Just drop us an email - we’d love to help out!


We’ve already mentioned colour and scent but lighting is another crucial way to change the mood and atmosphere in your home. You want to make sure your scheme is layered and flexible. For example,

side lamps on dimmer switches and/or candle light helps to create a cosy intimate atmosphere which is perfect for Spring evenings, before things start warming up!

To create an uplifting and lively atmosphere you need lots of bright warm lighting. Spots are perfect for this, but need to be mixed with other lighting solutions (e.g. wall lights, lamps, pendants etc.) to be most effective.

Accent lighting is something we love to incorporate into schemes at FLOELLA because it can be used to create drama or to subtly highlight and emphasise a particular area or feature in the room.

We hope this blog has been helpful but if you need any further advice, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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