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Wallpapers and murals

For pattern, colour, texture, and depth, wallpapers are the way to go! Wallpapers can add so much character and completely transform a space; whether you appreciate bright and bold, soft and subtle, or the totally breathtaking, this post covers it all and we hope will inspire you to try them out.

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Bright and Bold

We are big lovers of colour and pattern here at Floella Interiors, and we think you should never shy away from a bright, bold wallpaper to bring a room to life. The ones above are some great examples of how not being afraid to go bold, can produce some beautiful results. Mixing up the patterns can add further impact to your rooms. The image in the middle above shows how effective this technique can be; by picking out one colour from the statement wallpaper and carrying it through into a different paper, the doorway has been gorgeously framed, inviting you in to the bright, colourful bathroom.

Soft and Subtle

If bright, bold patterns and colours aren’t for you, try a subtle small scale print like these ones above to add some visual interest and gentle pattern without making it the overwhelming feature. Alternatively, if you prefer to stay away from patterns all together, you could try a seagrass wallpaper (image on the right) which will provide a lovely texture and depth, creating a restful sophisticated look, perfect for a bedroom.

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Smart and Savvy

If you like pattern and colour but you aren’t sure you want to commit to a whole wall of it, or if you have found a wallpaper you love, but it is a little out of budget to use it everywhere, try using it in small sections such as inside cupboards, peeping out from behind shelves, or inside wardrobes. You could also use it within panelling creating the effect of framed artwork.

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Beautiful and Breath-taking

If you are looking for something to bring the ‘wow’ factor to a room, Mural wallpapers are a simple way of creating a breathtaking statement. These large-scale patterns also help to give the impression of higher and wider walls; a real win, win. We’d recommend using mural wallpapers on a wall that is not obscured by lots of shelving, bookcases, furniture etc so that these works of art can be fully appreciated.

Brilliant and Bespoke

Hiring a professional to hand-paint a mural straight onto your wall for you, not only means that you have all the benefits of a mural wallpaper, but you also can have a design that is completely unique to you and your home. Colours and tones can be specifically chosen to work harmoniously with your existing colour palette and a talented artist will be able to create a design that moulds to your home and celebrates its architecture. Similar to wallpapers, you don’t have to have a whole wall of it, you could just use it as detailing around a doorway, fireplace, or staircase and if you are feeling creative, why not try your hand at painting this yourself… if it doesn’t work out, you can always paint over it!


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