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In last month's newsletter, we gave you a sneak peak of an exciting project that was close to completion. This month, we are delighted to share with you the final photos of this stunning garden room. We've included a few before shots so you can see the amazing transformation from start to finish!

What was once a playroom, has been completely transformed into this beautiful garden room where the clients can relax, sit and soak up the views of their lovely garden. For this project, we focussed on reusing and revamping some of the client’s existing furniture, using our budget wisely to add only a few new stand-out pieces and soft furnishings to refresh the entire room.

The client wanted to be able to use the garden room as an occasional guest room. They were fortunate enough to already have plumbing running to a what was a crafting area with a sink. We decided to corner this space off with a privacy wall, to create a perfectly formed kitchen/dressing area. This is a relatively small amount of work, with huge rewards. The images above show the before and initial sketches. See photos of the finished space below!

We kept the joinery neutral which allows the statement blue wall and the amazing wallpaper (mind the gap) to take centre stage. The tiles in the kitchen area from Fired Earth add character along with the charming pineapple cupboard handles and brass tap. The dressing room area incorporates baskets for storage into a bench covered in this gorgeous fabric. Above that we added a shelf for extra storage and an opportunity for styling pieces. During the day, the space is flooded with natural light but in the evening, we wanted this to remain a practical dressing room so we added some brass wall lights.

We decided to keep the client’s sofa and ‘industrial-chic’ coffee table, as we were confident we could incorporate them into the final design scheme. We swapped out the striped chairs for these fabulous spotty chairs from Oka, which compliment the new turquoise-blue cabinets fantastically. Behind the sofa, we added a console table which allowed us to accessorise an otherwise empty space. The client has loads of interesting ornaments, so a space to tastefully display them was important. We found these lovely blue glass lamps to add more height to the space, and mirror the symmetry of the chairs and cabinets. On the wall above, we hung this piece of art which ties all the colours of the room together perfectly.

The larger sofa was also a perfect fit for the space and would work with the client's vision of a welcoming family room. We covered the sofa in an array of amazing coloured and beautifully patterned cushions, which combine perfectly with the blinds and gorgeous curtains we had made using a fabric from Camengo. These window dressings are a great source of colour in the day, and come the evening, can be drawn to create a cosy space that is filled with warm lighting from the brass wall lights and well-positioned side lamps.

Keep your eyes on our blog to see our latest projects!


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